Russian Technical Translations, Inc

Our Clients

We translated thousands of patents, manuals, specifications, reports, drawings, data sheets, and other documentation for Fortune 500+ companies and medium-size businesses in the following areas:
  • Aerospace (collision avoidance systems, avionics, airport construction/upgrade/modernization, FAA-related issues, airworthiness, air traffic control, air traffic management);
  • Automobile Engineering (engines, power trains, automotive composite materials, etc.);
  • Chemical Engineering (petrochemicals, fertilizer production, plastics, paints and adhesives);
  • Civil Engineering (construction materials, structural analysis, building design, construction operations, etc.);
  • Communications (telephone, radio and satellite communications);
  • Computers with primary focus on software localization;
  • Electrical Engineering (power plants, power grids, transformers, motors, actuators, switches, etc.);
  • Electronics (measurement technology, detectors, sensors, biomedical diagnostic instruments);
  • Mechanical Engineering (design, production, operation and stress analysis of turbines, pumps, combustion engines, pipelines, HVAC systems, etc.).