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About RTTI

RTTI is dedicated to providing comprehensive language support in Russian and other Eastern European languages for corporate and industrial clients and government organizations. Since 1998 we have worked with Fortune 500 companies, the U.S. federal government, and renowned international organizations to solve challenging translation problems. We specialize in highly technical translations and have nearly two decades of expertise delivering language solutions in such areas as Oil and Gas, Nuclear Technology, Engineering, Pharmaceuticals/Medical, Agriculture, Legal, Finance and Investor Relations.

Whether you are an engineering company managing a large-scale construction project in Russia or an investor relations team wishing to tailor its global message to international markets, Russian Technical Translations is committed to delivering the highest quality language solutions to meet your needs.  Our professional team of seasoned linguists will work around the clock to ensure successful, on-time completion of your project. 

We work with leading organizations and have built our reputation as a trusted translation provider who can guarantee highest standards of quality control available on the market, superior degree of confidentiality, and rapid turnarounds under tight time constrains.  

  • Your documents will always be handled by top U.S. and Russian experts with specialized background in your field.
  • We will never compromise quality and accuracy to improve our bottom line. 

Executive Director: Michael Reyz, Ph.D., holds a doctoral degree in Chemical Engineering and his background includes extensive engineering experience gained in Russia and the U.S. An ATA-certified translator with nearly 20 years of translation expertise, Michael has partnered with major defense contractors, oil and gas servicing companies, global financial institutions, and top legal firms on numerous challenging projects.   

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